5 Times TWICE Showed Off Their Goofiness In New “I Can’t Stop Me” Behind-The-Scenes Video

The crackhead energy is real 😂

The girls of TWICE are known not only for their beautiful looks but also for their goofy personalities. STUDIO CHOOM just released a behind-the-scenes video from TWICE’s “I Can’t Stop Me” music video set and there were plenty of fun moments from the 9 gals. Let’s take a look!

1. Dahyun’s Crazy Eyes

While the rest of the members can be seen sitting and monitoring their film, Dahyun can be seen in the background monitoring with some crazy eyes. She is humoring her members and acting for the camera as she engages in some intensely funny faces. Her members don’t seem too surprised by her energy though as they just keep doing their thing.

2. Mina’s Minion Look

Members Jihyo and Mina were asked to describe their looks for the music video. While both girls were wearing denim dresses, it was Jihyo who realized Mina resembled someone or something famous. It was none other than Despicable Me‘s minions! Jihyo describes Mina’s look as a “woman version” of a minion. While it may not be the most accurate, Mina got excited regardless and smiled brightly for the camera.

3. Telepathy Game

In this portion of the video, members Dahyun, TzuyuNayeon and Sana were asked to play a speed telepathy game, where the interviewer says a word and the members have to make a gesture that reminds them of the word. When the word “TWICE” was said, they all did a little something different. However, Sana and Nayeon realized they had similar gestures and celebrated anyways!

4. Nayeon The Paparazzi

In the video, there is a part where the members are captured taking some professional photographs. They are shown modeling and posing in different ways that prove to viewers that they are indeed, true professionals. However, in this particular portion, member Nayeon can be seen sliding into the frame to take her own personal photos of member Momo on her phone. We love women supporting women!


5. Yummy Yummy

Last but definitely not least is this seductive little number. ONCEs you ready? Members Chaeyoung, Mina and Momo took a moment to surprise their fans to a very short but very sweet dance to Justin Bieber‘s hit song “Yummy”. The girls gave their fans a treat as they do the famous wall dance that everyone has admittedly tried at least once over quarantine. How do their bodies move like that?

Watch the girls and their crazy goofiness in the full video!