Here Are 10+ Of TWICE Dahyun’s MUST-SEE Looks That Showed Her Stunning Visuals

She is a goddess in outfit #4.

Dahyun of TWICE has an innocent and sweet appearance that captivates the hearts of fans. When she’s glammed up, these fairy-like visuals are even more apparent. Here are 10+ of her most beautiful looks that show how stunning she really is.

1. Looking like a fairy in white lace.

2. This whole look gives princess vibes.

3. She can switch it up and be fiery hot in red.

4. Oscar-worthy.

5. She can slay any stage while looking beautiful.

6. Dahyun’s doll-like visuals can’t be denied.

7. A fresh floral print compliments her beauty.

8. Slay.

9. Her figure is gorgeous.

10. Dahyun’s youthful glow is showing.

11. So pure in all white.