5 Reasons Why TWICE’s Dahyun Is A Gemini Queen

Dahyun is the definition of a Gemini!

TWICE‘s Dahyun is the very definition of a Gemini!

TWICE’s Dahyun | @twicetagram/Instagram

Geminis are charismatic, creative, and absolutely hilarious. They know a lot about many different subjects, and they often delight people with their playfulness, wittiness, and curiosity.

Here are 5 reasons Dahyun is a total Gemini!

1. She’s absolutely hilarious

Geminis are a funny bunch! They’re known for their sense of humor and their ability to turn even the most boring situation into a fun, memorable one. Dahyun always makes the other TWICE members laugh, and many of her variety show appearances have become absolutely iconic because of her hilarious antics.

2. She has tons of unexpected talents

Geminis are always surprising people with their random knowledge and unexpected talents! As ONCEs know, Dahyun is the master of spotting cameras anywhere and everywhere she goes. She’s also shown off other surprising talents, like her extreme flexibility and ability to make her tongue touch her nose, on variety shows.

3. She’s super creative

Geminis are very creative, and they love expressing themselves through their art. Dahyun has proven her songwriting talent on many occasions. She’s composed many songs for TWICE, including “Queen,” “Bring It Back,” and “SOS.” She also is a great choreographer, and she helped choreograph “Touchdown” and “Jelly Jelly.” Clearly, her creativity knows no bounds!

4. She’s unabashedly herself at all times

Geminis always stay true to themselves, and they don’t let what others may think keep them from doing what they want to do. Dahyun is never afraid to show off her unique personality, and fans all over the world have fallen for her quirkiness!

5. She’s a social butterfly

Geminis can talk to practically anyone about anything! They easily relate to people, and people feel pulled to them. Dahyun gets along with everyone she meets, and she makes everyone feel at ease when they talk to her.

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