3 Of TWICE Dahyun’s Travel Essentials

#3 is priceless!

TWICE‘s Dahyun is no stranger to traveling the world on tour, and she always brings her travel must-haves with her!

TWICE’s Dahyun | @twicetagram/Instagram

Dahyun’s TW-LOG from the III tour was released on May 17. In her vlog, she showed what it was like to travel the United States with the members while performing for American ONCE.

| TWICE/YouTube

Dahyun also gave fans a glimpse at what she brings with her while on tour.

Here are Dahyun’s 3 travel essentials!

1. Stuffed animal

Dahyun always travels with a stuffed animal! She usually brings a stuffed black cat with her, but she brought a stuffed bunny with her for the III tour. She said her shoulders hurt less when she puts her head on the bunny while sleeping on her side.

2. Beanie

Dahyun loves wearing beanies, and she made sure to bring one with her to the United States. What a cute, stylish way to stay warm while touring!

3. Pouch

Mina‘s mom made this pouch for Dahyun! Mina’s mother added lots of details to the small pouch, like Dahyun’s face, the TWICE logo, and a Candy Bong. No wonder it’s Dahyun’s favorite pouch!

Check out Dahyun’s full TW-LOG below!


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