8 Times TWICE’s J-Line “MiSaMo” Was So Beautiful, There’s No Doubt Their Unit Debut Would Be A Visual Overload

#5 is legendary 😍

TWICE‘s Japanese line, Mina, Sana, and Momoβ€”A.K.A. “MiSaMo”β€”are the easiest people to love! The three girls may have their own distinct personalities, but together, they match perfectly.

Momo (left), Mina (center), and Sana (right)

Lately, rumors that JYP Entertainment has trademarked the name “MiSaMo” has circulated online, with pictures being forwarded as “proof.” Fans have also noticed that the girls would stay longer in Japan while the other members returned to Korea, leading people to believe that they’re preparing something together.

Files for the term “MISAMO.” | @twice_nmixx/Twitter

If the rumors are true, then it’s highly likely that the three will be making their unit debut!

In preparation for the possible news, here are 8 gifs of the girls together in one frame. They’re so beautiful, there’s no doubt their unit group would be a visual overload!

1. Holding Hands

Not only are they all super pretty, they’re also very close friends who always engage in skinship. It’s common to see them embracing and holding hands.

2. Casual Clothes

They look stunning even in casual clothes, and that includes pajamas!

3. Synchronized Choreography

The three idols are fantastic dancers. Together, their charisma and skills can’t be matched.

4. Warm Laughter

It’s always heartwarming to see them enjoying their time with each other.

5. Distinct Personalities

This viral gif is said to highlight their unique personalities. Mina is elegant, Sana is cheerful, and Momo is chic.

6. Cute Aegyo

When it comes to aegyo, they know exactly how to do it right!

7. Sultry Expressions

But they can also accomplish the complete opposite and make fans breathless with their sultry facial expressions.

8. Insane Visuals

Last but certainly not the least, they look flawless in this shot of them modeling for a photoshoot. They are insanely gorgeous! Here’s to hoping they will truly make their unit debut one day.

While you’re at it, check out more sweet interactions between the three members in the article below.

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