Here Are 9 Of TWICE Jeongyeon’s Fiercest Looks That Will Make You Say “Step On Me!”

Look #3 is sure to snatch you into her bias lane.

Jeongyeon of TWICE is an underrated beauty. Here are 9 of her best looks showcasing her beautiful visuals and sexy side that are sure to leave fans loving her even more.

1. A goddess in pink satin.

2. Yassss.

3. She looks hot AF in menswear.

4. But she can still pull off a lacy number!

5. All-black is her go-to.

6. Suddenly, your skin is clear and your crops are flourishing.

7. Angels exist and here’s the proof.

8. Her beautiful figure graces the red carpet.

9. Is that the starry night sky or just Jeongyeon?