Here Are The 20 Most Legendary Pictures Of TWICE’s Mina According To K-Netizens

In #6, she looks like the lead in a K-Drama.

These 20 pictures make TWICE Mina‘s flawless beauty so apparent, you’ll have no choice but to stan. Chosen by K-Netizens, here are the 20 most gorgeous pictures that will make you fall for her.

20. Mina’s blonde hair for “More & More” left everyone shook.

19. Her facial features are so gorgeous, a red lip is enough to make her stand out.

18. Even if Mina isn’t your bias, she’s still secretly your bias.

17. Her side profile is a work of art — Just look at her tall nose!

16. This is how princesses cry pearl tears.

15. Her visuals are elegant and classy which gives her timeless beauty.

14. It’s hard not to get lost in Mina’s dreamy eyes.

13. She’s a natural-born performer.

12. Who looks this effortlessly beautiful when letting their hair down?

11. Blonde Mina puts Barbie to shame.

10. Meanwhile, black-haired Mina gives Snow White vibes.

9. Even the placement of her moles are perfect.

8. She turns any airport into her runway.

7. Surprisingly, this is not a magazine cover and was taken while she was walking.

6. Just a gorgeous fairy-like human passing through!

5. Any pose of hers can be turned into the cover for a K-Drama.

4. Did we mention her superior visuals yet?

3. Photoshoot Mina in action is deadly…in the best way possible.

2. From the sparkly choker to the silk dress, she looks like royalty.

1. Once you fall for Mina, there’s no escape!

Source: Nate Pann