10 Times TWICE’s Mina Looked Drop-Dead Gorgeous In Glasses and Sunglasses

Mina can make any pair of glasses look elegant and expensive!

TWICE’s Mina has always received attention for her elegant vibe and effortless beauty.

TWICE’s Mina | love me now!/YouTube

With her powerful visuals and natural grace, it makes perfect sense that one of her charms that stands out the most is being able to pull off any pair of glasses or sunglasses with ease!

Here are 10 fantastic eyewear looks from Mina.

1. Mina, everyone’s new favorite teacher

She’s the school crush for sure.

| TWICE/YouTube

2. Almost stealing the show from Jihyo

Although she came to show her support to her fellow member, it wouldn’t have been a surprise if she went in front of the camera herself!

TWICE’s Mina visiting her fellow member Jihyo during a photoshoot | TWICE/YouTube

3. FaceTiming a true beauty

Thankfully the caller’s heart didn’t stop!

| @mellifluousNY/Twitter

4. From the airport…

How does she look so casual and refined at the same time?

| Osen

5. …to a whole other country

It’s not just in South Korea where Mina slays!

TWICE’s Mina relaxing in Switzerland | JYP Entertainment

6. What is Love Mina was iconic

She looks so immaculate. Who can blame Dahyun for falling for her in the music video?

7. Not looking at the camera? No problem

It doesn’t even matter if she’s posing or not.

8. So, Mina hip hop album when

This could easily be an album cover.

| @mina_sr_my/Instagram

9. She’s always one of the coolest girls in the room

The designs just look different on her.

10. Still rocking the look in 2022

If it feels like she’s been killing this vibe for years, it’s because she has been.

| @mina_sr_my/Instagram

It’s exciting to think about what concept she will try next!