5+ Of TWICE Mina’s Most Underrated Dance Moments

Mina’s skills are so underrated!

TWICE‘s Mina is a truly fabulous dancer!

TWICE’s Mina | @twicetagram/Instagram

While casual fans and newer ONCE may not realize Mina is one of TWICE’s main dancers along with Momo, Mina proves she’s main dancer material every time she takes the stage.

Here are # of Mina’s best, most underrated dance moments!

1. When she slayed Beyoncé’s “Drunk in Love”

Seriously, what is in the water in Texas?! Mina proved she’s just as iconic as her fellow Texan, Beyoncé, with a dance to “Drunk in Love” on SIXTEEN. While Mina is mostly known for her elegant ballet moves, she brought down the house with her slinky floorwork and hip-hop moves during this performance. The judges’ jaws literally dropped as they watched her!

2. Epitome of elegance

Mina ate this performance up! It’s hard to take our eyes off her fluid and graceful movements!

3. TWICE’s not-so-secret weapon

With her ballet background, Mina adds a unique flair and flavor to TWICE, and her dance style complements Momo’s dance style to create an unbeatable main dancer combo. The two teamed up on Hit the Stage in 2016 for a performance of Beyoncé’s “Crazy in Love,” and they STILL have people talking about this performance. Mina’s beautiful, flowy movements and her theatrical facial expressions added incredible depth to the performance and reminded everyone of just how great a dancer she is.

4. Our EDM queen

From classical music to bass drops, Mina can dance to absolutely anything! She slayed during the Ultra Dance Festival special stage and proved that her dance skills extend to all genres as she danced to dubstep.

5. Slaying her sunbae‘s dance

Mina really wowed us while she performed Sunmi‘s “24 Hours!” As always, she effortlessly executed the choreography while still putting her own incredibly graceful twist on it.

6. The iconic “Get Loud” dance break

We are still not over Mina and Momo’s “Get Loud” dance break! While Mina is known for her beautiful fluid movements, she had no problem moving between sharp and fluid moves while dancing alongside Momo. As expected, ONCE couldn’t hold their cheers in when this main dancer duo launched into their dance break!