6 Misconceptions About TWICE That Need To Stop Immediately

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The TWICE members are all K-Pop legends, but there are a few misconceptions surrounding the members and the group as a whole.

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Here are 6 misconceptions about TWICE that need to disappear forever.

1. They can only do the cute concept

TWICE might be best known for their upbeat color pop music, but that doesn’t mean they can only do cute concepts.

Although the TWICE members are the masters of cute concepts, they’ve also tackled plenty of other concepts, too. In fact, TWICE’s choreography is much more varied than non-fans could even imagine! From sexy, edgy “Perfect World” to glamorous “Feel Special” to angsty “Cry for Me,” TWICE has proven their versatility time and time again.

2. There’s only one main dancer in TWICE

TWICE has two main dancers, but many people think they only have one!

Some people think Momo is the group’s only main dancer, but Mina is also one of TWICE’s main dancers. Although they have different styles, both of TWICE’s main dancers are equally awesome and people definitely shouldn’t be ignoring Mina’s incredible skills! We especially love seeing them perform together, like when they danced to Beyoncé’s “Crazy in Love” on Hit the Stage.

3. TWICE is past their peak

Antis love saying TWICE has passed their peak and that fans have lost interest in them! TWICE has been a top girl group since their debut, but antis said they peaked during the massively successful “More & More” era. During this era, the group sold 563,000 copies of the More & More mini album.

Antis kept saying TWICE would never top the “More & More” era, but they surpassed their album sales record with their latest release, Formula of Love: O+T=<3. This album sold 700,000 units in the pre-order period alone, and it proved that people love TWICE more than ever!

4. Momo can’t sing

The myth that Momo can’t sing has been following her around for quite a few years now, and it reached its peak after a “More & More” encore performance. During the encore, the members were exhausted after performing “More & More,” which they often refer to as their most difficult choreography. Jihyo even said the choreography left the members “too exhausted to walk,” so of course they couldn’t sing to the best of their abilities while they were fighting through exhaustion.

To hold one bad performance against Momo, however, is to completely ignore all of the great performances she’s given before and after the controversial encore. She’s shown off her great vocals on many occasions, including while competing on SIXTEEN, in her special birthday vocal cover for ONCE, and in the B-side “Rewind.” Momo is also constantly working on improving her vocal skills, and she even fit vocal practice sessions into her busy schedule while touring.

5. Mina and Tzuyu don’t talk

Some people assume Mina and Tzuyu never talk because they tend to be quieter than the other members.

While Tzuyu and Mina are quiet compared to some of the other members, they most likely need time to feel comfortable around people until they feel like they can fully open up. Once they’re totally comfortable with someone (like their fellow TWICE members), they can be just as loud, chaotic, and hilarious as anyone else! Just watch TIME TO TWICE if you don’t believe us!

6. They don’t write their music

Many people think TWICE is a manufactured, controlled group and that the members have no say in their music. However, that’s far from the case!

The members have written plenty of their own songs, and they contribute ideas to the songs that are written for them, too. For example, Dahyun wrote “Queen,” Jihyo wrote “Cactus,” Momo wrote “Love Foolish,” Sana wrote “Turn It Up,” and Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung wrote “Sweet Talker” together. While this isn’t a comprehensive list of the songs the members wrote, just these few songs alone prove that the members do write some of their own songs.

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