TWICE Momo’s Vocal Coach Praises Her For Her Commitment To Constantly Improving Her Voice

Momo’s vocal coach is impressed by how much she’s improved!

It’s safe to say that TWICE‘s Momo has thoroughly impressed her vocal coach!

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TWICE wrapped up the record-breaking US leg of their III tour on February 27, and all the members wowed fans with their vocals, dancing, and stage presence during each and every performance.

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Although the members were incredibly busy while touring, Momo made time to practice her vocals, according to her vocal coach, Kim Min Jeong (also known as Kim Min Jung and Minjeong Kim).

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Momo recently reunited with her vocal coach, and Kim Min Jeong praised Momo in an Instagram post for working so hard to improve her vocal skills during TWICE’s tour.

TWICE Momo returned after successfully finishing her American tour.

Despite being busy with her world tour, she practiced her vocalizations whenever she found the time. I’m touched by her dedication. Ever since Fin.K.L, TWICE is the first girl group that I started supporting!

When I was young, I would always hear on TV gag shows, ‘So-and-so who just returned after finishing their South East Asian tour…’ Now, I hear from friends that Americans tell us that they envy us for being Korean. It’s truly amazing how powerful K-Pop is worldwide.

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— Kim Min Jeong

Although Momo has always had a good voice, ONCEs and netizens have noticed that her voice has improved significantly recently, which proves just how hard she’s been working on her vocals. On Momo’s birthday, she posted a cover of Lee Boram‘s “Back to the Beginning,” and her cover showed just how beautiful her voice is.

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Netizens praised Momo for her cover, and many people asked for her to be able to sing in her “original voice” in TWICE’s songs.

  • “I’m just a casual of TWICE. Did she upload it for her birthday? Fans must be so happy. She suits the song and voice tone!!”
  • “Wow I didn’t know Momo’s voice and vocal color was so good. Fans must’ve been so touched and happy. Happy birthday Momo!”
  • “I cried watching the video. I’m a fan of another group but it’s so touching.”
  • “The video is so touching, Momo.”
  • “It’s her birthday? Congratulations!”
  • “Momo’s been singing songs in a tone that don’t watch her original tone, I see. I didn’t know she was so good at singing. Please let her sing in her original voice during group promotions…”
  • “Wow this is so fascinating. Her voice is so pretty but they’ve been making her sing in a nasal voice? To be honest I like her nasally voice too but people keep saying they don’t so I don’t know why they stubbornly make her do it.”
  • “It’s been a long time since I heard this song. I feel emotional.”
  • “It seems like she made the video herself too. It’s so warm of her.”
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Fans who attended the III tour were also impressed by Momo’s vocals, so it’s safe to say that all her hard work has been paying off.

| Master J/YouTube

With Momo’s dedication to constantly improving and her vocal coach’s guidance, we’re sure her voice will keep getting better and better!


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