TWICE’s Momo Receives Praise From Korean Netizens For Her Cover Song, “The First Time In The First Place”

“I didn’t know she was so good at singing…”

TWICE‘s Momo recently released a cover song for Lee Bo Ram‘s “The First Time In The First Place”. The touching song was accompanied by footage that Momo filmed and edited herself.

Momo received much love from fans due to the amounts of effort she put in to making the video. She personally went to visit many fan events such as advertisement panels and birthday cafes. The footage was included in the video.

But what touched the greater public was that she showed her overflowing love for fans. She meticulously notated the Korean lyrics to improve her musicality and pronunciation.

She also painstakingly wrote her letter to fans in English for international fans.

Although Momo had faced criticism for her singing in the past, she decided to gift fans with a cover song as many ONCEs have hoped to hear her beautiful voice. Finally, she granted their wish during her birthday. Momo’s efforts and singing abilities received praise from Korean netizens as well.

| theqoo
  • “I’m just a casual of TWICE. Did she upload it for her birthday? Fans must be so happy. She suits the song and voice tone!!”
  • “Wow I didn’t know Momo’s voice and vocal color was so good. Fans must’ve been so touched and happy. Happy birthday Momo!”
  • “I cried watching the video. I’m a fan of another group but it’s so touching.”
  • “The video is so touching, Momo.”
  • “It’s her birthday? Congratulations!”
  • “Momo’s been singing songs in a tone that don’t watch her original tone, I see. I didn’t know she was so good at singing. Please let her sing in her original voice during group promotions…”
  • “Wow this is so fascinating. Her voice is so pretty but they’ve been making her sing in a nasal voice? To be honest I like her nasally voice too but people keep saying they don’t so I don’t know why they stubbornly make her do it.”
  • “It’s been a long time since I heard this song. I feel emotional.”
  • “It seems like she made the video herself too. It’s so warm of her.”

Momo’s sweet vocals are a gift to everyone! We hope she can express her talents more in the future.

Source: theqoo