15 Times TWICE Handled Stage Accidents and Mistakes Like Pros

No top? No problem!

TWICE always performs to the best of their ability…even during the times when something goes wrong. Featuring YouTuber twicity’s compilation, here are 15 times TWICE carried on during onstage mishaps and wardrobe malfunctions that showed how professional they are!

1. Continuing to perform passionately on a slippery stage.

2. Dahyun effortlessly putting her hair in a bun and not missing a beat.

3. Tzuyu making a mistake while singing, getting caught by Sana, then continuing as if nothing happened.


4. Sana’s snatches her broken necklace mid-performance so quickly, you might miss it if you blink!


5. Tzuyu hits Sana but she still smiles as bright as ever.

6. Momo’s belt falls off and Sana throws it to the side for safety.

7. Tzuyu loses a shoe and casually recovers.

8. Momo’s shirt malfunctions but she continues performing until the end.

9. Sana smoothly removes her falling flower accessory.

10. Nayeon helps quickly fix Momo’s skirt issue.

11. Mina’s microphone pack falls but she continues to perform while putting it back.

12. Tzuyu cutely does the wrong part of the choreography, but she realizes and corrects herself.

13. Momo continues to dance with another wardrobe malfunction.

14. …And another. Momo just dances too hard for her clothes to handle!

15. Tzuyu fixes her mistake naturally, despite making leader Jihyo crack up!

TWICE’s Tzuyu Makes A Stage Mistake And Jihyo Notices Instantly

Source: YouTube @twicity