5+ Of TWICE’s “Dancing Mo-chine” Momo’s Best Vocal Moments

Momo isn’t just a great dancer. She’s a great singer, too!

TWICE‘s Momo may be best known for her legendary dance skills, but her vocal skills are so underrated!

TWICE’s Momo | @twicetagram/Instagram

Momo has a unique vocal color that truly adds to TWICE’s sound, and she’s always working toward improving her distinctive vocals even more.

Here are 5+ of Momo’s best vocal performances that we’ll never get over!

1. This live performance of “TT”

Momo absolutely slayed this live performance of “TT” on SBS Radio! She sounded so at ease and confident while singing her lines.

2. The infamous “The Way You Love Me” performance

While most people talk about Momo’s iconic “pink Lamborghini” line from this performance, she was serving great vocals throughout this whole SIXTEEN performance! It was totally clear that she was a superstar in the making.

3. This cover of SHINee Taemin’s “Move”

Momo definitely devoured Taemin’s “Move” choreography, but she also wowed us with her vocals! Through this cover, she showed off her lower register and the sultrier side of her voice, and we were thoroughly impressed!

4. When she shows off her lower register in “Scientist”

Momo’s deep voice is so beautiful! We love when she can show off how easily she sings in her lower register.

5. “Rewind.” That’s it. That’s the tweet

We are living for Momo’s high note in “Rewind!” Her lines in this song showed just how great she is at expressing emotions through her voice, and her dynamics in “Rewind” will forever be iconic.

6. Her “Back to the Beginning” cover

Momo released a cover of Lee Boram‘s “Back to the Beginning” on her birthday, and she wowed ONCE and netizens alike with her cover!