15+ Times TWICE’s Momo Knew Exactly How HOT She Is And Wrecked Fans

There is a 100% chance that #2 will make you a Momo stan.

TWICE’s Momo is totally gorgeous in every way. She knows exactly what she’s doing to fans when she acts sexy on stage. Check out these 15+ times she embraced her sexy vixen side and left everyone shook.

1. Killing fanboys and fangirls with every dance move.


3. She knows how to move.

4. Oof.

5. The inventor of dance.

6. Queen of hair flips.

7. Momo’s proportions are unreal.

8. These shorts are doing her justice.

9. Wow.

10. Cute and sexy at the same time.

11. Are you under her spell yet?

12. Perfect face and body.

13. She’s amazing.

14. Momo, please put that tongue away for fans’ safety.

15. She was born to rock a crop top.

16. She’s beauty, she’s grace.

17. Omg.

18. Step on me.