TWICE’s Nayeon Announces Her Solo Debut, And Here Are 10+ Of ONCE’s Relatable Reactions

NOLO is coming!

ONCE has been absolutely spoiled by TWICE lately, and we’re in for another treat!


TWICE just made history on May 14 and 15 as the first K-Pop girl group to perform at a stadium in the United States, and the members all opened their own personal Instagram accounts shortly after.

| @JYPETWICE/Twitter

Now, ONCE has even more to be excited about. Nayeon’s solo debut was officially announced, and her first mini album will be released on June 24.

Here are a few of ONCE’s relatable reactions that Nayeon’s solo debut is coming soon!

1. Spoiled fandom

TWICE is always spoiling ONCE, and we couldn’t be happier!

2. Nayeon has been surprising fans all year long

Nayeon stans, how ya feeling?

3. Mystery solved

Now that Nayeon’s solo debut has officially been announced, we wonder what the other mystery date from TWICE’s cryptic tweet is?

4. NOLO is finally here

We literally can’t wait to hear what Nayeon’s been working on!

5. It feels so good to be right

ONCE, we truly connected the dots this time!

6. Hardest working group

Being a TWICE fan is the gift that keeps on giving!

7. Almost too good to be true

We had to double-check AND triple-check that the news actually came from TWICE’s account!

8. Unbothered queen

Nayeon sent the entire ONCEland into a frenzy, but she’s just enjoying her coffee!

9. It’s only been a week?!

This has to be the best week in history!

10. Can’t risk missing anything

TWICE always has something exciting planned for ONCE!

11. No thoughts, head empty. Just NOLO

In conclusion: AHHHHHHHH!

12. The main event

Nayeon said “make the world shake,” and she meant it!

13. Hello world, meet Nayeon

This is shaping up to be one of the best solo debuts ever!