TWICE Sends ONCE Into A Frenzy With Cryptic Tweet

What does it mean?! 🤔

TWICE sent ONCE into a frenzy with a cryptic tweet!


TWICE just performed two historic shows at the Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles on May 14 and 15, and ONCE couldn’t be more proud of the members! TWICE is officially the first female K-Pop girl group to perform at a US stadium, and they’re gaining attention from people all over the world for their success.

| @JYPETWICE/Twitter

The entire ONCEland is still buzzing about TWICE’s historic concerts, but the fandom now has a mystery to solve surrounding a cryptic tweet from TWICE’s official account.

| @JYPETWICE/Twitter

On May 16, the day after the group wrapped up their stadium shows, TWICE’s official account tweeted two dates, June 24 and August 26.

The tweet offered no explanation about what the dates meant, and ONCE has been busy trying to decipher the dates’ meaning ever since the tweet went out. Some fans believe the dates are referring to Nayeon‘s solo debut, the group’s second English single, additional tour dates, or an upcoming album.

We have no clue what TWICE’s tweet means, but we can’t wait to find out what they’re planning!


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