10 Times TWICE’s Nayeon Proved That She Is An Entire Fashion Icon

#10 is our favorite.

TWICE‘s Nayeon is known for her impeccable yet unique fashion sense. There’s something about her off-duty fits that are both appealing to the general public, yet with a twist of her own style that’s a little bit inspired by vintage looks. Here are 10 outfits that perfectly demonstrate her aptitude in dressing.

1. Luxe Casual

Nayeon is dressed casually to the eye but the smattering of brand and logo play makes the look luxurious. She’s wearing expensive items, from her Dior belt to the Loewe tee.

2. College chic

Nayeon is dressed like any average college girl here, but her face and star power are far from ordinary. We love the cable-knit sweater and jeans combo!

3. Pop of color

Her purple bag delivers a much-needed pop of color to her otherwise monochromatic outfit. With it, she pairs a black knit tee and a black leather jacket.

4. Vintage but make it cute

The overall brown palette screams vintage, emphasized by the orange-brown wide-legged pants and checkered jacket. Notice how she cleverly layers 3 necklaces? The added jewelry makes the outfit look more refined.

5. Super chic

We love this one! Nayeon is dressed in a black biker jacket and a black turtleneck. It matches her pale skin perfectly. Did you notice that her nails are black too?

6. Casual and comfy

Like we said, Nayeon is the queen of mixing high and low brands. She carries a vintage Fendi pochette in one hand while her sweats bring the dressed down vibes.

7. Perfectly dressed down

She rocks the basic tee and jeans outfit like no other. You have to be really gorgeous to pull off such a simple outfit and Nayeon ticks all the boxes.

8. Understated elegance

Nayeon pairs Gucci bloafers (yes, that’s a word!) with a layered camisole and tee combo. The tight-fitting crop top and jeans show off her figure.

9. Snuggly and warm

She looks adorable in a tan muffler and denim jacket. We love how she dressed for the weather. How sensible!

10. Beauty is pain

Although Nayeon usually dresses warmly, she had to walk the “grey carpet” of tarmac on her way to a music show this time. While our hearts break at how cold she looks, we love the fuschia cardigan! It’s funky, vintage and so very her!

What are you waiting for? Get your carts ready (*whispers* Black Friday sales!) after taking some inspiration from the queen herself.