Here Are 10 Times Sana Proved She’s The Only Extrovert In TWICE

Try not to laugh at #2.

As an ENFP, Sana is the only member of TWICE to have an extroverted MBTI personality type. This comes as no surprise to fans who love her silly personality and hyperactive antics. Check out these 10 times she lived up to this role — and more.

1. This is a visual representation of “Extrovert Sana.”

She’s just a puppy that wants someone to play with!

2. This is what happens when Sana can’t control her excitement.

Jeongyeon played along with her only to calm her down in the end.

3. Extroverts love to make new friends.

Nobody can hide from Sana’s love.

4. She just has so much energy.

She loves her TWICE members so much, she couldn’t resist becoming a fan.

5. All she wants is to play with Leader Jihyo.

Even if it means acting like a baby, Sana is willing to do whatever it takes to steal her attention.

6. Where’s she going? Nobody knows.

Please walk your Sana every day or she may become restless.

7. This is peak goofball behavior.

Sana turns just about everything into a production.

8. This is Sana’s world.

We’re just living in it.

9. Once she starts, she never stops.

Just let her play for a while until she gets tired.

10. Her reactions are everything.

How can you not think she’s the cutest thing in the world?!