20 Times TWICE Sana’s Gorgeous Side Profile And Tall Nose Shocked Netizens

Her visuals are a work of art!

TWICE’s Sana is often named amongst netizens as one of the idols known for her beautiful side profile and tall nose. Here are 20 stunning photos of her side profile that is seemingly sculpted by the Gods!

1. Her natural beauty shines!

2. Her nose is coveted by many K-Netizens.

3. She could play a Disney princess!

4. Her features are so dainty and beautiful.

5. Sana’s beautiful inside and out.

6. Not to mention she can pull off any hair color.

7. Seriously, she should be on a magazine cover.

8. *Angels singing*

9. She looks like a fairy.

10. Sana stans might feel attacked from this one.

11. She owns any hairstyle she tries.

12. Her nose is insanely gorgeous.

13. Not many people can have one as naturally tall as hers!

14. A beautiful face for a beautiful soul.

15.  She has girl-next-door beauty.

16. Her beauty turns any situation into an impromptu photo-shoot!

17. Slay.

18. She couldn’t get any cuter.

19. Ethereal.

20. Sana’s profile is incredible!

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