20 Times TWICE’s Sana Looked Heaven-sent In White

If you’re soft for Sana, you NEED to see these pics.

TWICE’s Sana is so sweet and pure, she might as well be an angel. Here are 20 times she looked as if she had flown down from heaven to grace us with her beauty.

1. She’s a true angel.

2. She’s so pure and girly in white.

3. Visuals.

4. Her stage presence is ethereal.

5. This fuzzy sweater is the cutest.

6. She looks like a doll in it!

7. She’s basically flawless.

8. How can you not love her?

9. This dress makes her look like a princess.

10. She can rock anything.

11. Girlfriend material here!

12. Look at her puppy dog eyes.

13. It’s hard to not fall for her.

14. This look is iconic.

15. A true beauty.

16. Is she real?

17. Her dark hair contrasts so beautifully when she wears white.

18. Admit it, everyone is at least a little bit Sana-biased.

19. Her shoulder line is gorgeous.

20. Even in casual white clothes, she’s angelic.