The Urban Dictionary Definitions For TWICE’s Members Are Accurate AF

Fans like to get creative with their descriptions!

The Urban Dictionary definitions of BTS was determined recently, and it’s only fair that TWICE gets their turn as well! Fans of the group have used this crowdsourced online “dictionary” of urban slang in order to create definitions of their favorite members of TWICE, and a lot of them are super spot-on, creative, and complimentary! Even some that aren’t directed at the TWICE members with the same name have a lot in common with the members. Check out what fans have to say.

1. Nayeon

The cutest bunny!

“The cutest most prettiest girl. You wont find someone who makes you happier, she makes the sun seem dull. She’s one talented bunny!” — kai solo

Is this true, Jeongyeon??

“The oldest member of a South Korean K-pop group, named Twice. Comes from the agency JYP, and trained there for 5 years before debuting. Looks like a real bunny, and has the best voice. Loves Jeongyeon, but sadly Jeongyeon doesn’t love her back.” — Pretty Nayeon

2. Jeongyeon

She’s stunning with short hair too!

“The most beautiful girl in TWICE, people be appreciating her visual when she had long hair and dropping her once she cut it short. The member that have a future of an actress and a model.” — iluvtwice

Sounds about right!

“Visual of twice. Beautiful. Girlcrush of twice. Mother of twice. Gorgeous no matter what has men and women falling for her… Literally. You’re welcome.” — A_Whole_Snack.

3. Momo

This might not be for TWICE’s Momo… But a lot of it is relevant!

“A girl who is attractive & Cute. She is quiet but when you get to know her she is more than you can think about. She it also known as Princess to one of her best friends. All of her best friend consider her as their SISTER. She is kind, lovable, selfless and selfish at the same time. She don’t like messy things. She is one of those friend who you can get advises from about Relationship but don’t have one for herself. She is serious about her education. She has an AWESOME personality, if you get to know her inside. She always has a plan about what she gonna do.” — Logan B.

Simple but accurate!

“Momo is a member of the kpop band Twice. She is considered the main dancer of the group and people often call her a “dance machine”. Momo=happiness” — Comfy life best life

4. Sana

Once again, might not be directed towards TWICE’s Sana… But this sounds about right!

“Sana is the type of friend that will stay loyal to you no matter what. Her dream is to travel the world. She may seem innocent and sweet but she wild and fiesty. Biggest fear is losing family. Family is so important to sana. If you have a sana in your life, make sure to keep her. It’s very rare to find a Sana in your life. Sana has a very unique personality.” — sleepingbeauty8

Oh… Well, it’s not wrong!

“Member of South Korean girl group TWICE, she is known for the popular phrase “Sha Sha Sha” and has made everyone her b**** with her cuteness.” — graqefruit

5. Jihyo

This fits her very well!

“The leader and main vocalist of Korean girl group Twice. Everyone knows that she can hit such high notes, that even a deaf person can her the beauty of her voice. She is more beautiful then a goddess and also can dance to Girl’s Generations’ song, ‘I Got a Boy’ very well.” — Katsandra Ellinose The 3rd

That’s Jihyo!

“cutest girl ever. leader and lead vocalist of kpop group twice. love her sm. everything she does is godlike.” — jihyolover444

6. Mina

Again, maybe not for TWICE’s Mina specifically… But sweet nonetheless!

“Mina, the cute fun kinda person people admire , she has a kind golden heart and doesn’t hesitate to give her opinion. You can count on her to listen to you ;and keep your secret a secret. She doesn’t realize how much people admire her for her beauty, sexiness, kindness and how clever she is. She’s the ‘girl next door’ type; who any guy would be lucky to have!” — Totorofan#1

That’s our Mina!

“Myoui Mina, or better known as Mina, is member of Kpop girl group Twice. Mina was born on March 24 1997 in San Antonio Texas but moved to Japan when she was a baby. Mina is undoubtably one of the most beautiful people ever and has been named the most beautiful Japanese of all time.” — Ladybugpug

7. Dahyun

This is sooo correct.

“Dahyun Is a cutie from a south korean girl group called TWICE, yes she does look like a baby but she can still spit mAd bars.” — daddyissuess

A bit info-heavy, but a nice accurate description of Dahyun!

“A cutie from a South Korean girl band with 8 other members, named Twice. Her real name is Kim Da-hyun (Hangul: 김다현) and her birthday is May 28, 1998. Dahyun’s birthplace is Seongnam, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. Their record label is JYP Entertainment. She gained attention in sixth grade after a video of her at church performing a dance to Hillsong’s “The Power of Your Love” went viral on YouTube in 2011 and earned her the moniker “Eagle Dance Church Sister. Dahyun is so cute.” — namjooncs

8. Chaeyoung

Short, sweet, and perfect!

“Rapper for the South Korean girl group ‘Twice’. Super cute, as well as being a genuinely amazing rapper.” — Neville Longbutt

9. Tzuyu

Yes yes yes!

“A member of Kpop group, Twice. The peak of human evolution. The beautiful, multilingual queen of Taiwan.” — jihyolover444

She really is so beautiful.

“Tzuyu is synonymous to beautiful, pretty, gorgeous etc. Tzuyu is a Taiwanese member of South Korea’s National girlgroup TWICE. She’s so pretty to the point that every pretty girl knetz see looks like her.” — JustATzuyuStan