Here Are 10+ Fan-Taken Photos That Show How TWICE Actually Looks IRL

These fans were inches away!

The members of TWICE are absolutely gorgeous and any lucky fans who have seen them in real life know that their visuals are even more striking in person! Check out 10+ close-up photos taken by fans that show you just how stunning they are in person.

1. Being this close to Momo is #ConcertGoals!

2. Nayeon is even more doll-like in person.

3. This fan was blessed by Sana!

4. Tzuyu is truly a goddess.

5. Chaeyoung’s bright smile is even cuter IRL.

6. Mina just glows!

7. Fans rave that Dahyun’s sharp profile makes her look like a fairy.

8. The category is face and body for Jihyo!

9. It’s easy to see why these gorgeous photos of Jeongyeon went viral among netizens.

10. Nayeon is truly a light!

11. Sana is all smiles when seeing fans.

12. Throwback Tzuyu was just as stunning!

13. Imagine being this close to Mina!

14. Fans say Momo’s big eyes are even more expressive IRL.

15. Chaeyoung and Momo are a visual combo!

16. They’re simply stunning.

17. Sana is just as pretty with minimal makeup.

18. Jihyo is a true visual.

19. Have you fallen for Mina yet?

20. Eye contact with Jihyo is everything!

21. Nayeon bias wrecks many fans during concerts.

22. Yes, they really look like this!

23. Momo is too cute in her pigtails.

24. You haven’t lived until you see Mina’s profile in person!

25. Tzuyu’s visuals are undeniably gorgeous.