Twitter Users Pick The Top 11 Most Handsome Idols

Do they deserve their spot?

Korean netizens have once again rounded up a list of the top male visuals in K-Pop.

Recently, a popular Korean Twitter account called “choonjaebae” asked users to vote in real time for the most handsome male idol.

Over 20,000 votes were sent in, and eleven idols managed to clinch the top spots. Check out who they are below!

11. The Boyz – Younghoon


10. NU’EST – Minhyun


9. BTS – Jin


8. NCT – Jaemin


7. VICTON – Byungchan


6. TXT – Soobin


5. MONSTA X – Hyungwon


4. EXO – Sehun


3. NCT – Jaehyun


2. ASTRO – Cha Eunwoo


1. EXO – Suho


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