4 Times TXT’s Soobin Was The Best Senior That ENHYPEN Could Have Wished For

Soobin once pulled a small prank on ENHYPEN.

ENHYPEN are beloved by many people, especially by their HYBE Labels senior labelmate, TXT‘s Soobin. Soobin is not only kind but playful to the ENHYPEN members.

ENHYPEN’s Sunoo & TXT’s Soobin

Here are 4 times Soobin was the best senior that ENHYPEN could have wished for.

1. Soobin talking about how cute the members are

In a live broadcast, Soobin mentioned that he enjoyed playing the game “Dungeons and Dragons” in the past, and a fan commented, “Does Sunghoon like it.” Soobin assumed that this fan was talking about ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon.

After this, Soobin started talking about the ENHYPEN members. He shared that they’re adorable, especially Ni-ki!

Soobin also gushed when talking about Heeseung!

Soobin concluded by saying that all the ENHYPEN members are cute and that he wants to continue to cheer for them!

2. Soobin talking about ENHYPEN’s upcoming comeback

ENHYPEN will be making a comeback soon, and Soobin has been keeping up with everything! He shared in a live broadcast that he’s seen all the teaser photos and clips and was a little surprised by the “dark” concept. At first, Soobin wondered if ENHYPEN would suit the concept since he sees them all the time offstage, and they’re cute and polite juniors to him. However, after seeing the teaser photos and clips, Soobin thought the ENHYPEN members suited the “dark” concept well!

ENHYPEN and Soobin also happily spoke about meeting at Music Bank, where Soobin is an MC.

3. Soobin being whipped for Sunghoon

In a PLAYGROUND special, Soobin was whipped for ENHYPEN’s Sunghoon. Soobin wanted to show how close they are, so he asked Sunghoon, “You’re comfortable with me, right? Call my name.”

Sunghoon shyly called him “Soobin hyung,” and Soobin couldn’t help but smile. Soobin asked Sunghoon to call him again, and when he did, Soobin affectionately hugged him!

Soobin also hugged Sunghoon and said that he’s cute when Sunghoon spoke about how hard they were working.

4. Soobin’s small prank

While Soobin is extremely loving to ENHYPEN, he also can be quite playful towards them. Soobin met ENHYPEN when they came to Music Bank, a show where Soobin is an MC. The ENHYPEN members were extremely nervous, and Soobin found them cute.

Soobin thought they were so cute that he decided to pull a small prank! At the rehearsal, the ENHYPEN members asked Soobin if they were doing a rehearsal or on a live broadcast. Soobin jokingly told them that they were doing a live broadcast.

The ENHYPEN members were nervously shaking after Soobin said this, and Soobin immediately told them that it was a joke and that it was just a rehearsal.