20 Of The Funniest TXT x Jessi Moments From “Showterview” 

You laugh, you lose!

TXT recently guested on Showterview With Jessi, and it went exactly how you might expect. Here are 20 of the funniest TXT x Jessi moments from the show!

1. The “watermelon” charades

Jessi helped TXT guess a fruit’s name by demonstrating “watermelons” with her…uh…well, just watch the clip!

2. Beomgyu dissing Taehyun

Jessi mistakenly thought Taehyun was in charge of TXT’s visuals…

…and Beomgyu didn’t hesitate to correct her! That just hurt the pride of four of us!“ he said.

3. Jessi’s mental breakdown

When Jessi realized the youngest TXT member was born in 2002, 34 years of life flashed before her eyes.

4. TXT fighting like five-year-olds

“Why are you fighting here!” Jessi shouted over them. (Just FYI, they were debating about who the biggest crybaby is.)

5. Dancing to Jessi’s song “Nunu Nana”

6. Beomgyu giving Jessi trust issues

When TXT quizzed Jessi about their discography, Beomgyu tricked her into believing this fake song was a real one.

Jessi was not a sore loser at all. 

7. Taehyun writing a message to MOA in “Jessi style”

8. Soobin’s pearl-clutching reaction to Jessi yelling at him

“She yelled at me!” he said, laughing.

9. Jessi calling TXT f**king liars

How’s that for “culture shock?”

10. Yeonjun getting on Jessi’s last nerve

(But he’s too handsome to stay mad at!.)

11. Introducing TXT, the “talking back” idols

Jessi loved every second of their sass.

12. Jessi getting salty with MC Soobin

He came to Showterview to visit her, right? Right?

13. Yeonjun bringing out his sexy side with…

…body rolls!

14. Hueningkai getting embarrassed by his own aegyo

He was totally fine with showing his cute side…until reality kicked in!

15. Jessi getting up close and personal with Beomgyu’s eyelashes

16. Jessi becoming an unofficial TXT member

17. Jessi telling off Hueningkai with a single word

His reaction is everything.

18. This awkward introduction

It didn’t take long for them to feel comfortable around each other.

19. Jessi’s reaction to “leader” Soobin

He’s the leader? Really?

20. Basically, the entire episode is one hilarious TXT x Jessi moment.

Watch it here!