10 Times TXT’s Soobin Was The Most Relatable Idol Ever

#4 is all of us. ๐Ÿคฃ

On the outside, TXT‘s Soobin is a handsome superstar, but on the inside, he’s introverted and quirky like the rest of us! Check out some of his most relatable moments where everyone fell for him even more.

1. Debating getting off the plane to meet with his idol, Bebe Rexha

He’s just like us!

2. When he was a mood for every introvert ever

He’ll recover in 2-3 business days.

3. Asking this iconic question about math

He’s asking theย real stuff.

4. The moment he “gave up on being a human”

His social battery needs a recharge!

5. Not taking the time to read a map, or even know how to read a map

The struggle is real.

6. When he gave back the same energy to his haters

At least he’s honest.

7. When he received a different drink than what he ordered but just drank it anyways

Shy people understand.

8. His dieting advice

Actually, this is more like his eating advice!

9. Telling everyone he’s a “literature and arts” type of person

It’s totally not a cover for being bad at math.

10. When you want to live in the moment, but also have eternal memories of the moment

In the end, his desires overcame him!