Here’s What Type Of Man Each BLACKPINK Member Is Attracted To

When it comes to ideal types, BLACKPINK’s tastes are as varied as the singers themselves.

1. Jennie

During an interview with Airirang RadioJennie revealed that she prefers the sexy type.


The host asked the BLACKPINK members to say either “cute” or “sexy” when he counted to three.

Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé all answered “cute”, but Jennie shyly said “sexy”.


When asked to explain her choice, Jennie said, “If I had to pick out of cute or sexy, I feel like…I’ll just stop here”, and started to laugh.


In previous interviews, Jennie has also stated that her ideal type is a man who is passionate and devoted to his career.


Since Jennie prefers sexy over cute, she may be attracted to a man who shares similarities with EXO‘s Kai.

Kai is well-known for his sexy look, charismatic performances, and is also one of the hardest working idols around.


When the host asked the members to choose either a handsome guy or a funny guy, Jennie (and the rest of BLACKPINK) chose the latter.

Jackson (GOT7) is both sexy and humourous, so someone like him may also suit Jennie’s preferences.


2. Lisa

Lisa surprised her members when she revealed that she prefers older men.


While she isn’t looking for someone who is much older than her, she does feel that a slightly older man would be able to take care of her better than a man her own age.

Actor-model Nam Joo-hyuk may fit this 97-liner’s ideal type since he was born a few years earlier, in 1994.


Her bright and bubbly personality would definitely keep her oppa feeling young!


3. Rosé

On an episode of Weekly Idol, Rosé has said that her ideal type is someone who is nice, polite, and can sing well.


The hosts asked if YG Entertainment‘s CEO, Yang Hyun-suk, matched her type and Rosé eagerly agreed.


During an interview, Rosé chose BIGBANG when she was asked to pick a male vocal group. She complimented their voices and revealed that she would love to perform a duet with BIGBANG on stage.


Last year, Rosé took a step toward making this dream a reality when she featured on G-Dragon‘s song “Without You”.


On JYP Party People, Lisa revealed that Rosé also likes men who can play the guitar.


Park Jinyoung teased Rosé, saying that he couldn’t bring out his next guest because he fit Rosé’s ideal type.


That guest was CNBLUE‘s Yonghwa.


When Rosé said that one of her dating fantasies involved playing a romantic duet, Yonghwa happily obliged.


They sounded fantastic together!


4. Jisoo

Jisoo‘s ideal man is somewhat of a mystery, since she hasn’t said much about her ideal type.


She stated that her ideal type is a man with a warm heart. More than anything else, she is looking for someone who will treat her well.

Jin (BTS) is known to put his members’ well-being above his own and is very kind-hearted. A man with similar qualities could win Jisoo’s heart.


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