10 “All of Us Are Dead” Actors You Should Definitely Follow On Instagram

If you liked the characters, you’ll love the actors.

Netflix‘s zombie K-Drama has a cast full of talented, rising stars and seasoned veterans. Get to know 10 of them on Instagram!

1. Park Ji Hu

Park Ji Hu plays Nam On Jo, a Class 2-5 student who is better prepared than most of her classmates to fight zombies. Being the daughter of a firefighter, she has learned a thing or two about how to survive in an emergency.

Ji Hu’s account has behind-the-scenes photos, selfies, and more.

2. Yoon Chan Young

Yoon Chan Young plays Lee Cheong San, a selfless student in Class 2-5. He is the childhood friend and neighbor of our brave protagonist, On Jo.

This talented, rising star uploads photos of his castmates, his pet cat, and also photoshoots.

3. Cho Yi Hyun

Cho Yi Hyun plays Choi Nam Ra, the studious and ice-cold president of Class 2-5.

Cho Yi Hyun is a much warmer person than her character! Her account features pretty selfies, on-set adventures, and much more.

4. Lomon (Park Solomon)

Lomon plays Lee Su Hyuk, aka “Bare Su.” This Class 2-5 bad boy is a skilled fighter that even zombies might think twice about messing with!

Lomon’s Instagram account has everything a fan could hope for: behind-the-scenes shots, hangouts with friends, and a silly selfie or two.

5. Yoo In Soo

Yoo In Soo, aka Yoon Gwi Nam, is the worst thing his school had to worry about before the zombies show up. Let’s just say that in a Gwi Nam vs Zombie fight, we’re rooting for the zombie.

Yoo In Soo gets covered in blood in the show, but he sure cleans up nice for his photoshoots!

6. Lee Yoo Mi

Lee Yoo Mi plays, Lee Na Yeon, one of the most disliked characters on the show. This Class 2-5 student is rich in everything but kindness. She’s very condescending toward her fellow students.

Fans of Netflix K-Dramas might recognize another famous character on Lee Yoo Mi’s Instagram: Player 240! She played this role in Squid Game. 

7. Im Jae Hyuk

Im Jae Hyuk plays the Class 2-5 student Yang Dae Su, Wu Jin’s best friend. He brings comic relief and an excellent singing voice to this otherwise gruesome series.

On Instagram, this talented actor has shared photos from the making of All of Us Are Dead and fan art.

8. Kim Bo Yoon

Beautiful Kim Bo Yoon plays Seo Hyo Ryung, a student of Class 2-5 who is part of the show’s supporting cast.

On Instagram, she has posted photos of friends, art, and her graceful exercise routine.

9. Kim Joo Ah

Kim Joo Ah plays Yoon I Sak, a Class 2-5 student. She is best friends with On Jo.

This actress is new to Instagram, but so far she has posted selfies and making-of photos.

10. Son Sang Yeon

Last but not least on this list is Son Sang Yeon. He plays Jang Woo Jin, a student in Class 2-5 and Ha Ri’s younger brother.

FYI, he’s just as handsome on Instagram as he is on the show!

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