Here Are The Top 13 Most-Viewed M2 Fancams Of Male And Female Idols In 2022

These viral moments are iconic!

These fancams reigned supreme during the year of 2022! Check out the male and female idol fancams uploaded by M2 that received the most love in the form of views this year.

13. Karina (aespa) — “Girls”

Karina quickly earned 1.7M views with aespa’s comeback for “Girls.” Specifically, this fancam showed off her dance break skills!

12. Karina (GOT The Beat) — “Step Back”

Karina also took the 12th spot at 1.77M views for her stunning performance of “Step Back” with GOT The Beat.

11. Taeyeon (GOT The Beat) — “Step Back”

Same performance, but different member! Taeyeon’s fancam received 1.89M views and showed off her insane vocal skills.

10. Jungkook (BTS) — “For Youth”

Jungkook’s beautiful performance and sentimental vocals during “For Youth” earned him the 10th spot at 1.9M views.

9. V (BTS) — “For Youth”

During the same performance, V’s fancam also received attention (1.95M views) as the members walked around and greeted fans.

8. Jang Wonyoung (IVE) — “Love Dive”

Wonyoung’s ice princess look, as well as her “Narcissistic” point dance featuring a sassy eye brow raise, made this fancam a fan favorite and garnered 2M views.

7. Sakura (LE SSERAFIM) — “Fearless”

Waiting for her return since the disbandment of IZ*ONE, Sakura’s highly-anticipated debut with LE SSERAFIM received 2.1M views.


Despite only being released in October, Chaewon’s hypnotizing blinking on beat made her fancam quickly go viral and reach 2.42M views.

5. Huening Bahiyyih (Kep1er) — “WA DA DA”

Huening Bahiyyih’s performance of “WA DA DA” caught fans’ eyes and quickly received 2.47M views.

4. V (BTS) — “Yet To Come”

BTS sat down for an intimate performance of “Yet To Come” where V looked gorgeous in the falling confetti, receiving 2.49M views.

3. V (BTS) — “Yet To Come”

The vertical version of the same performance earned him 2.91M views. Particularly, fans were interested to see the clip of him winking at a lucky ARMY in the audience.

2. Sullyoon (NMIXX) — “O.O”

Sullyoon went viral for her doll-like visuals among netizens, causing this debut fancam to get 2.97M views and earn her a spot at #2 on the list.

1. Winter (GOT The Beat) — “Step Back”

Winter’s fancam features an iconic thumbnail of her adorable expression that made it instantly go viral and receive 14.9M views, the most of any fancam on the list!

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