15 Photos Of BLACKPINK Jennie’s Gummy Smile To Make You Swoon

Jennie’s a true beauty.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is an iconic fashionista with undeniably sharp visuals and has the power to break websites with her beauty, however, one of her most appealing (and adorable) features is her precious gummy smile! Below are 15 pictures of Jennie’s adorable smile that will make you swoon with adoration over her cuteness.

1. Jennie’s demure smile

Even when she’s being demure and holding back slightly, there is something undeniably lovely about her smile.

2. Jennie’s bad*ss smile

Not everyone can pull this look off without looking crazy AF, but since Jennie is perfection in human form, here we are.

3. Jennie’s delighted smile

When Jennie’s truly delighted, you can see the smile reach her eyes.

4. Jennie’s iconic gummy smile

If you don’t think this is the cutest thing ever, you’re lying to yourself.

5. Jennie’s bear-y happy smile

The killer combo of Jennie’s smile + a cute headband is almost too much to bear.

6. Jennie’s mischievous smile

Jennie’s mischievous smile makes her look like the friend you want to go out partying with because you know you’ll have a good time.

7. Jennie’s girl-next-door smile

Jennie’s wholesome girl-next-door smile is warm enough to melt even the coldest heart.

8. Jennie’s extremely happy smile

Jennie’s extremely happy smile is among the happiest smiles we’ve ever seen in our lives. Doesn’t it make you happy just looking at her?

9. Jennie’s charming smile

Jennie’s smile could probably sell ice to penguins because it’s so darn charming.

10. Jennie’s UWU kawaii smile

Remember what we said about the combination of Jennie’s gummy smile + a cute headband? We can’t stop UWUing!

11. Jennie’s lady-like smile

Jennie is, without a doubt, a true lady and her smile reflects that.

12. Jennie’s youthful smile

Jennie’s youthful smile is so cute that it’s energizing!

13. Jennie’s excited smile

When you look at this smile, you can tell Jennie feels the excitement and happiness in her bones. It’s truly authentic and makes it difficult to hold back your own smile!

14. Jennie’s lovely smile

Jennie is an absolute beauty all the time, but when she shows her lovely smile, the whole room lights up!

15. Jennie’s chic smile

Jennie’s chic smile is classy AF and makes her look like total money.

Is there ever a time Jennie doesn’t look fabulous? The answer is no. Jennie looks good all the time, and her gummy smile is one of the world’s most valuable resources.