Gentle Monster Experienced The Full Effects Of BLACKPINK Jennie’s Power After Her New Collection Dropped

In less than a minute their servers were over capacity!

To say everyone has been anticipating BLACKPINK Jennie‘s collaboration with Gentle Monster would be an understatement. From the moment the project was announced, everyone has excitedly been waiting not only for the full construction of the huge dollhouse for Jentle Home‘s physical store but also for Jennie’s personally designed collection to drop.

While we all have a little more waiting to do for the store, on April 21, Jennie’s collection officially dropped worldwide!

Jennie modeled her new collection herself in the April 2020 issue of Marie Claire magazine!

With everyone from BLINKs to celebs wanting to get something from Jennie’s stylish collection, Gentle Monster soon experienced the “Jennie effect”. Less than a minute after the collection dropped everyone flocked to the site and it crashed! So many people had visited the site to get their hands on Jennie’s collection that the servers just couldn’t keep up.

Shortly after the problems were reported, Gentle Monster posted an apology and let everyone know that they were running an emergency check to help stabilize the site.

When the site was finally stabilized, Gentle Monster experienced a second wave of Jennie’s power as many of the items in the collection immediately sold out!

As the collection continues to fly off the shelves (so to speak), BLINK have been sharing their awe over Jennie’s impact and power, especially after experiencing the crashed system!

That’s the power of Jennie!

Source: Herald