These Photos of IZ*ONE’s Kang Hyewon Proves She’s Only Getting More Beautiful

She’s only getting prettier!

Kang Hyewon has always been pretty and is even one of IZ*ONE‘s official visuals. Netizens have found recent photos of her that prove that she’s only getting prettier, and people are in love!

With a high nose bridge, even that is perfect! Netizens are in love with her side profile. Many are saying that she has an actress vibe.

On top of that, her proportions are out of this world! Netizens have even compared her to a Disney princess!

Her wide eyes and deep double eyelids are other favorites of netizens and WIZ*ONEs alike. Another thing they love about Hyewon? Her plump lips!


Her visuals have been compared to a few other celebrities, including Kim Min Hee

… and Seo Eun Soo.

Many agree on one thing, and that’s that Kang Hyewon is definitely a beauty!

Source: The Qoo