Over 1 Million People Tried To Buy Tickets To EXO’s Concert

The power and the influence this boy group holds is purely amazing.

EXO is, without a doubt, one of the most popular boy groups. So when this globally-beloved K-Pop idol holds concerts, the internet becomes a battle ground for the fans trying to score tickets.


Recently, for the Seoul “ElyXiOn [dot]” concert dates, which is an encore concert for the group’s 4th World Tour, there were 1.15 million people trying to connect to the ticketing website at once.

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Fans were simply awed by the results, while realizing that with numbers like that, EXO is truly a powerful and influential group in and outside of Korea.


Of course, as for most K-Pop concerts, EXO concerts also attract “resellers” who use computer programs designated to snatch these tickets faster than actual fans.

EXO concert ticket sales were trending over US-North Korea Summit

Such “scalpers” and “macro programs” are unresolved problems that continue to plague the K-Pop concert ticketing culture.


Regardless, the lucky EXO-Ls who successfully secured tickets to go see EXO in Seoul look forward to the concert!

Source: JTBC News