Weverse Shop’s Most Expensive BTS Merch Yet Is Selling Out Despite ARMYs’ Concerns  

Get that coin?

While Weverse Shop prices have never been cheap, one of the most expensive BTS merchandise is now on sale…


June 12, 2023, will mark ten years since BTS’s debut. Naturally, ARMYs would like merchandise commemorating the special anniversary.

From left: BTS’s V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, RM, Jimin, and J-Hope | BIGHIT MUSIC

Weverse Shop released the first set of merchandise honoring BTS’s 10th anniversary, and it’s more expensive than any of us expected.

HYBE collaborated with KOMSCO (also known as the South Korean Mint), established in 1951 and owned by the South Korean government, for the BTS 10th Anniversary Official Commemorative Medal. The design incorporated world-class coin manufacturing technology.

When Weverse Shop listed the silver and gold medals, the prices shocked ARMYs. The cost ranged from $1K to over $3K USD.


i guess i’ll add this to cart and be broke for the rest of my life 🫠🫣😮‍💨 #bts #bangtan #btsmerch

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Dang, and we thought the Collector’s Edition of PROOF was expensive!

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Yet, in only a few minutes, some sold out, and it was the most expensive. The gold medal worth $3,678.84 USD has already sold out. ARMYs were stunned to see that.


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Many wondered where these “rich ARMYs” came from because we only know fellow “broke ARMYs.” Besides, weren’t we going to start saving money for the reunion tour in 2025?

ARMYs also pointed out that for those prices, one could have afforded to go on a whole trip to South Korea instead. Why waste it on a gold coin just because it has the BTS logo?

Some pointed out that there are wealthy collectors who also like BTS, so naturally, they would purchase merchandise like this.

Still, besides the concerns of coins being so expensive, ARMYs also were disturbed that they were being produced just so that the South Korean government could continue to make money during BTS’s enlistment.

What do you think about the BTS 10th Anniversary medals? Will you get that coin?

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