Here’s What Fans Feel About The Hefty $275 Price Tag On BTS’s Collector’s Item Version Of “PROOF”

Almost $400 USD with international shipping fees.

BTS just announced the pre-order drop for a collector’s item version of their anthology album, PROOF. The box set contains two sets of 7 photocards, a special premium set of photos, as well as the usual posters and song booklets. It also covers three whole discs of songs.

While the box set is definitely something special, many Korean fans are expressing their displeasure at the whopping price. The album goes for ₩297,000 KRW (about $221 USD) in the Korean Weverse Shop, and $275.91 USD in the international shop. They even go as far as to call for a boycott to show HYBE that fans will not mindlessly consume.

Reactions to the price on a community site. | theqoo
  • “It’s like they’re trying to earn what they can for the last time.”
  • “$200+?? They’re f*cking around. PROOF only had 3 new songs so I didn’t buy it. HYBE is insane.”
  • “It’s so severe…”
  • “Fans, please don’t buy it…”
  • “HYBE are such thugs…”
  • “They have no conscience selling that design for that price. I hope people boycott it.”

International ARMYs are also in doubt about the hefty price tag. Some reasoned that you could hop an entire flight to Korea with that money.

The price was indeed shocking.

With international shipping included, the entire set goes for almost $400 USD. To some, that is the price of their rent.

Fans continue to gripe about the contents of the album and if it is worth the price tag.

It’s even more expensive than seeing them live, in concert.

Of course, this could be reasonable considering that BTS will be continuing their career long into the future. As they gain more fame and exposure, any early releases will rise in price. The cassette tape version of Girls’ Generation‘s first album recently sold for ₩500,000 KRW (about $373 USD), compared to the original price of around ₩15,000 KRW (about $11.20 USD) at the time of release. Who knows how much more a full box set of 3 discs could go for?

$400 USD is not a small sum of money for a couple of CDs. Whether or not ARMYs choose to buy this for themselves, as an investment, or to use the money to pay their bills or treat their families, the choice is entirely up to them and no one should feel bad about it!

Source: theqoo