11 Out Of The 12 “Produce 101” Trainees Affected By Vote Manipulation Have Received Their Compensation

They have paid out compensation.

Mnet has agreed and paid out compensation to 11 out of the 12 Produce 101 trainees who were affected by the series’ vote manipulation scandal.

According to an exclusive report from Munhwa Ilbo, Mnet recently agreed with 11 of the 12 trainees and agencies who were directly affected by the vote manipulation. The 12 trainees who were directly affected were revealed through the judicial process back in November 2020. The 12 trainees included Kang Dongho, Lee Gaeun, Han Chowon, and Lee Jinhyuk.

Mnet reportedly set the compensation amount based on how much money the member would have been expected to make should they have been selected to debut in their season’s final group. Mnet declined to disclose the exact payment amounts to each affected trainee.

There is one trainee who has still not reached an agreement with Mnet and CJ ENM on their compensation amount. Mnet claims that the agency of the trainee affected is demanding an unreasonable and unrealistic amount of money, and they will continue to work with the agency in question to settle on a proper amount.

Source: Munhwa