LOEN Entertainment begins investing in A Cube Entertainment (Apink, Huh Gak)

LOEN Entertainment has been revealed to be investing in A Cube Entertainment, the home of girl group Apink and soloist Huh Gak.

TV Report reported on November 25th that despite the acquisition of A Cube by LOEN, the agency will retain its own identity without a change of management and will continue its regular operation.

Additionally, LOEN is planning to maximize the synergy between the two companies through network support, content production, and marketing activities as well.

A Cube Entertainment is a subsidiary of Cube Entertainment, while LOEN has several labels under them including LOEN Tree (IU, Sunny Hill, HISTORY) and Collabodadi (FIESTAR, Zia) as well as SK Telecom‘s MelOn and the subsidiary Starship Entertainment (SISTAR, Boyfriend).

Source: TV Report

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