MAMAMOO announces 1st studio album “Melting” release date

Power girl group MAMAMOO has confirmed the release date of their first-ever full length album Melting!

MAMAMOO previously teased and gifted fans with a pre-release single “I Miss You,” making it available for free download, with news that they were near the end point of completing work for their first full length album since debut.

Their agency RBW has recently confirmed that their album Melting will be available on February 26th, adding that it contains the unique colors of MAMAMOO.

The girl group originally debuted with Mr. Ambiguous in June 2014 and has since then released exciting songs such as “Piano Man” and “Um Oh Ah Yeh,” proving their outstanding stage presence and vocal prowess as a group.

Image: RBW
Image: RBW

Source: OSEN

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