This 15 Year Old “Produce 48” Contestant Is Capturing Everyone’s Hearts And Votes

“She was born to be a K-Pop idol.”

With more episodes, Produce 48 continues to receive all kinds of spotlight; and as the evaluation performances are unveiled, viewers’ interests in the contestants are at an all-time high.


There is one particular Starship Entertainment trainee who has been charming the viewers since even before the show’s premiere: 15-year-old Jang Won Young is winking her way into everyone’s heart!


When the third season’s “Pick Me” performance was released, viewers immediately found Jang Won Young’s stage presence very appealing.

She became one of the top three favorite trainees, as chosen by the Korean viewers.


Her minute-long self introduction video received a tremendous amount of praise as well, with viewers realizing how beautiful Jang Won Young is.

  • “She’s a classic beauty. What a gorgeous face!”

  • “I think she looks even better than the current girl group top visuals.”

  • “Where does Starship get all this talented and beautiful visual trainees?!!!”

  • “If my daughter looked like her, I’d push her to become a celebrity too.”‘

  • “Starship girls are so perfect.”


When she finally went on stage for her evaluation performance where she sang and danced with two other trainees, Jang Won Young proved she isn’t only a pretty face, but a talented idol-to-be as well.

Even though she is the youngest member of the team and on the show, Jang Won Young stopped a million hearts with her confidence and brilliance!


Jang Won Young is currently placed in Group B and ranks a solid fourth place in the Top 12. Viewers expect her to stay in the Top 12 debuting group until the show’s finale.

  • “She was born to be a K-Pop idol. She is nothing like the other rookies.”

  • “She is beautiful. She’s even more beautiful on stage.”

  • “Look at how she dances, or makes these faces when she’s performing. She already is an idol.”

  • “Can’t wait until she is a couple years older and loses the baby-ness. She’s going to dominate the idol scene.”

  • “I don’t really follow this show, but now I’m going to have to vote for her.”


Watch Jang Won Young perform “Pick Me” on M Countdown and conquer the stage like a veteran idol!

Source: THEQOO