158 Illegal Immigrants From Thailand Caught At A Concert In Korea

The police raided the venue.

Famous Thai singer, Arm Chutima, held a performance in South Korea. As many of her countrymen went to see her sing, they were caught at the concert for being illegal immigrants.

On March 25, 2023, she held a concert at a club in Incheon. Many Thai people went to watch her sing, but most of the concertgoers were those who had illegally overstayed their visas. The Korean police had been around the area and arrested 158 illegal immigrants after a raid.

As soon as Arm Chutima found out about the news, she uploaded a sincere apology to Instagram. Arm Chutima canceled her scheduled performance in Cheonan the next day and went back to Thailand.

Some netizens were suspicious, calling the concert a way to fish out illegal immigrants.

| Reddit

Even though many expressed their sympathies for the illegal immigrants, netizens also stood firm that the immigrants should have returned to their countries or renewed their visas on time.

Source: Chosun and Reddit

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