16-Year-Old Revealed To Have Been Running Child Pornography Chatrooms For Over 8000 People

He used to be part of Cho Joo Bin’s chatrooms.

It has been revealed that a 16 year old has been running a series of chatrooms similar to Telegram Nth Room Cho Joo Bins, distributing sexual material of minors to thousands of people.

Police arrested the operator of the Telegram “Pacific Expedition” chatrooms last month, and handed over his case to prosecution for sharing similar data as Cho Joo Bin. The operator, who was known under the handle of “Pacific”, is just 16 years old.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency‘s cyber safety department confirmed the report, stating that they arrested 16 year old “Pacific” for spreading sexual content involving children and teenagers on February 20.

According to the police, “Pacific” began as a paid member of Cho Joo Bin’s chatrooms. However, he was kicked out of them after getting into a dispute with Cho Joo Bin, so he began to run his own under the name “Pacific Expedition” in October 2019. Unlike Cho Joo Bin’s chatrooms, there was no payment required, and the videos came Cho Joo Bin’s Telegram Nth Rooms.

From October 2019 to February 2020, anywhere between 8,000 and 20,000 people were found to have been using “Pacific’s” chat rooms. As the operator is 16, he is still to be judged under juvenile law.

We believe that there is the possibility of another person who is also using the handle ‘Pacific’ who is spreading sexual exploitation, so further investigation is underway.

— Police

Source: Chosun Ilbo, Newsis and News1

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