Here Are 20 Funny And Relatable Reaction Tweets To BTS’s “Dynamite”

It’s basically all anyone is talking about on Twitter today.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re probably more than aware by now that BTS just released their latest and all-English song, “Dynamite”, less than 24 hours ago! Of course, fans are going crazy about the comeback, and their reactions, memes, and edits on Twitter are incredibly entertaining. Here are 20 tweets that any fan of BTS should enjoy!

1. This song is really bringing ARMYs and Directioners together!

2. This edit is hilarious.

3. Things are coming together.

4. Let’s be honest, anyone would want Jungkook to look at them.

5. Even Doug the Pug chimed in.

6. There are some truly dedicated ARMYs out there.

7. It’s happening!!

8. Anyone else feeling like this?

9. In a time of angsty, dark trends, “Dynamite” really is refreshing!

10. Take care of yourself while streaming!

11. Who else is feeling this way?

12. This is definitely a common trend!

13. Don’t forget to give their other MVs some love!

14. Anyone else feeling this?

15. This is so cuuuute.

16. Who else does this?

17. Sleep is important, but so is BTS

18. In other news!

19. Now this is dedication.

20. Don’t give up, y’all.