Red Velvet And aespa’s 2022 Winter SMTOWN Individual Cuts Go Viral With How Gorgeous Everyone Is

“I’m jealous of Lee Soo Man.”

SMTOWN is kicking into full gear for the winter season. Each group in the company will have its own special winter album. The girls are getting together, with aespa and Red Velvet releasing “Beautiful Christmas” together.

Their group teaser photo looks like the most beautiful advent calendar! All the girls are dressed in a gorgeous Christmas dress.


The individual cuts are even more stunning. Irene showed off her pure beauty with flawless skin and a chic expression.

Irene. | SMTOWN

Seulgi delivered with a playful side-eye.

Seulgi | SMTOWN

We love Wendy‘s bright smile!

Wendy | SMTOWN

Joy‘s alluring beauty is definitely on the rise.


Yeri exuded bubbly charms with pigtails.


Karina ate with no crumbs with her new bangs.

Karina | SMTOWN

We’re in love with Giselle‘s stockings.

Giselle | SMTOWN

Winter looked gorgeous in her beret.

Winter | SMTOWN

Last but not least, NingNing definitely rocked the manga lashes and bunny ears.

NingNing | SMTOWN

Everyone was blown away by their beauty.

| theqoo
  • “It’s too tiring even to say how pretty they are.”
  • “What’s with Karina’s fluffy bobble! I love it!!!!”
  • “Princesses”
  • “Lee Soo Man’s flower garden wins once again! They’re so serious about their visuals! Everyone is so pretty”
  • “I’m jealous of Lee Soo Man f*ck…”
  • “F*cking pretty…”

They’re all stunning in their own way!

Source: theqoo
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