2PM’s Junho And Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Confirmed For Romcom “King The Land” — Here’s How 2nd Generation K-Pop Fans Feel

An iconic pairing!

K-Drama King The Land (working title) has just confirmed their two leads, 2PM‘s Junho and Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA. The drama is about the chaebol heir, Gu Won, who cannot stand fake smiles. On the other hand, Chun Sa Rang always has to smile brightly during work. When the two meet, they both end up smiling for real. Their love story will take place in the VVIP business lounge of a luxury hotel.

Junho will play Gu Won, who is the heir to the King Group. They own hotels, airports and more. With a refined brain and poised nature, he is perfect, down to his visuals and chic air. But he was just one flaw. He doesn’t know how to date. On the other hand, we have YoonA as Chun Sa Rang, who is able to make anyone smile along with her own infectious smile. She gets a job at King Hotel due to one of her happiest childhood memories being at the hotel. However, she receives judgement and is at the foot of many misunderstandings from people around her. Through those pains, she experiences growth.

Junho and YoonA at MBC Music Festival. | MBC

King The Land will start filming in fall 2022 without a set broadcast date as of now.

The iconic decision sent 2nd generation K-Pop fans into a frenzy. 2PM and Girls’ Generation were known to have had multiple collaborations in the past and were often named together as the most iconic “partner groups” during the generation. Most recently, YoonA and Junho even showed off their longstanding friendship and chemistry with a special MC stage for MBC Music Festival.

Fans of both groups are in high anticipation for the drama. Here’s how 2nd generation K-Pop fans are reacting to the news.

Even domestic fans can’t help but rejoice.

Netizens’ reactions to the casting. | theqoo
  • “It’s already fun.”
  • “I love it.”
  • “A combination I’ve been waiting for!!”
  • “Love it, love it.”
  • “Why do they look like they’re the same type in those pics LOL Was it always so? They match well.”
  • “Cr…azy!!!!”
  • “I want to watch it soon heh.”

We can’t wait for King The Land either! For those that don’t yet know just how iconic the 2PM and Girls’ Generation partnership was back in the day, check out variety show Idol Army Show starring both groups below.

Source: theqoo