2PM’s Lee Junho Is The Real Life “Gu Won” On His Way To Work

He’s perfect for the role.

2PM’s Lee Junho has been gaining attention for his role as Gu Won in King The Land. In the drama, he plays a rich chaebol heir who falls for an employee.

As he headed to a schedule for jtbc’s Newsroom on July 6, 2023, fans couldn’t help but notice that he was the very personification of Gu Won.

His true shy personality shone through despite the formal getup.

He also entertained fans by doing a special pose referenced from King The Land.

His smile was as bright as ever, perhaps one of his differing traits from Gu Won.

The suit made him look even more like his drama character. Of course, Gu Won would never be caught giving out hearts!

Now this is a little more Gu Won-like

Visually, Lee Junho is 100% synchronized with his character for sure.

He’s a picture of him in the drama for comparison!

Many netizens agreed that Junho is basically Gu Won, both in real life, and in the show.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo
  • He’s so pretty in natural light. Even though they are journalist pictures, he looks good in all of them.
  • Wow. Even his clothes are like Gu Won.
  • It’s straight up Gu Won!!!!
  • Waaaaah, pretty. F*cking handsome.
  • It’s just Mr. General Manager Gu Won LOL.
  • F*cking handsome.
  • F*cking handsome.
  • Mr. General Manager Gu Won…

We can’t imagine anyone else in the role!

Source: Theqoo

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