2PM’s Nichkhun, Wooyoung and Jun.K To Host Special Talk Show For Fans

Hottest, are you ready?

As a special event for fans, 2PM‘s Jun.K, Nichkhun and Wooyoung are to hold an online special event talk show, TYHG Special Day.

TYHG is short for Tae-yang Hyun-gom, a moniker that has been used since June, where the trio hosted various YouTube contents for their Over 2PM series. The name refers to Nichkhun’s birthplace in Thailand (Tae-guk), “Yang” from Yanggu county, where Jun.K and Wooyoung’s military bases were as well as a shorthand for the term “hyunjae gomshin“, meaning someone currently waiting for an army man to return. 2PM is currently on hiatus as they are awaiting Junho and Chansung‘s return from enlistment.

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News of the show took fans by surprise as the poster teaser was revealed on the 11th of August at 2pm KST. It features three bears looking at the sun, a play on the words Tae-yang (sun) and Gom (bear).

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The talk show will be held on the 5th September, at 6pm KST, via their official YouTube channel. As it is their first online event for fans, many are highly anticipating it.

Source: starmt