“I Myself Was Also Surprised”: 2PM’s Ok Taecyeon Did Not Know His “Vincenzo” Character Was The Villain

He thought he was just a cute intern at first!

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While 2PM‘s Ok Taecyeon has appeared in many K-Dramas, his most famous role is undoubtedly psychopath and serial killer Jang Jun Woo/Jang Han Seok in tvN‘s Vincenzo.

2PM’s Ok Taecyeon in “Vincenzo” | tvN

Many viewers were shocked when the adorable bumbling intern at Wusang firm company was revealed as the true villain. No one expected our Taecyeon to be such a baddie.

Yet, it turns out neither did he.

At a recent fanmeeting in Hong Kong, Taecyeon revealed he did not know his Vincenzo character was evil initially. So, he also thought he was just a cute intern as he read only the scripts for episodes one and two.

I actually didnt know the role was an evil character. The scripts that I received were only episodes 1 and 2, and back then, I was the kind cute intern Jang Jun Woo… I myself was also surprised.

— Taecyeon

Previously, Taecyeon revealed to Eric Nam that he had always wanted to play a villain role but was limited by JYP Entertainment. So, it worked out in his favor!

Um. I mean, back when I was in JYP. I’m not talking sh*t about JYP, by the way! I’m just saying literal fact. They wouldn’t let me do the antagonist. They wouldn’t let me do a villain role. I had to be clean image, very nice or like… I could be a rebel, but you don’t want to be like a serial killer. So, that’s the only dream role that I had before, but then again, I moved company…

— Taecyeon

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