2PM Dropped A Very Sexy Comeback Teaser And Fans Are Going Absolutely Wild

Somebody call 911 because this is 🔥

Veteran boy group 2PM recently announced their comeback news a couple weeks ago, exciting all of their loyal fans. In the midst of all of the excitement, JYP Entertainment released an official comeback teaser titled, 2PM < MUST > Trailer: The Hottest Origin and their Korean fans are not okay.

2PM’s “MUST” Comeback Teaser | @JYPEntertainment/YouTube

The teaser opens with Nichkhun, who is getting ready in a bathroom. He casually stands in front of a mirror, while drying his hair, brushing his teeth and spritzing on some cologne. And while he looked incredible doing it, why did anyone think that we’d be able to focus on his getting ready process, when the man’s perfectly chiseled abs are peeking out full force under his robe?? Sir, that should be illegal!

The next part of the teaser focuses on Junho, who looks perfectly dapper in a crisp white button-up and black tie. While Junho begins to wash his super cool car, the teaser suddenly turns violent when the 2PM member starts spraying himself with the hose?! In a white shirt?! To add onto the heart attack inducing segment, he treats himself to a lollipop as a job well done and let’s just say we need medical attention, stat.

To cool things down just a tad, we have Jun. K looking effortlessly cool while reading in bed. The eye contact, the book, and even the deep v-neck of his shirt, we can handle. But the glasses?! We repeat, the freaking glasses and the way he nudges them down ever so slightly?? Oh, you know exactly what you are doing! But also, please don’t stop.

Taecyeon shows off his coolness factor by showing off his work ethic in an office setting. The 2PM member can be seen surrounded by papers and looking extra attractive as he works with some types of blueprint. The theme of sexiness didn’t fail here either, as Taecyeon shows off his forearms with his rolled back sleeves. Also, he casually bites on his glasses and his pen. Why, why are you doing this to us?!

Next up, we have Wooyoung hanging out in a very luxurious room. His shimmery shirt and the cool lights paired with his relaxed body language creates a visually attractive scene. Who would have thought someone could look this good while holding a simple glass of wine? Also, we are going to need Wooyoung to stop with the seductive gazes into the camera. Our hearts literally cannot handle any more of it.

Last, but most certainly not least is the maknae of the group, Chansung. He may be the youngest member, but he no longer gives off the maknae vibe any more because holy cannoli does he look extra smoking! The leather jacket, the vintage car, and the one hand on the steering wheel?! Excuse me, but we need to speak with whoever directed this teaser because we have a whole lot of thank you’s to deliver.

With such a seductive teaser, 2PM fans had a lot of emotions to express. Actually, the lie detector determined that that was a lie because who are we kidding? Everyone, and we mean everyone had only excitement to share about the group’s comeback and the teaser.

| YouTube
  • “This is really f*cking crazy…what are you going to do about my heart…they’re too irresistible.”
  • “Okay, let’s goooo adult-dols. Please stay strong 2PM oppas. Please continue to do adult, sexy concepts in the future.”
  • “In the midst of the drought with all the skinny male idols, it finally began to rain. Junho mansae. Let’s protect 2PM until the very end.”
  • “Wowww of course they’re different from the skinny idols these days! They’re so f*cking handsome!!”
  • “What the hell Lee Junho, are you asking me to marry you? Why on earth would you rub your body on the brand new car and in a white shirt. Oh Lord…”
  • “I’m not in my 20’s anymore so I’m no longer embarrassed like I was long time ago. I now go crazy for things like this…please do more, I love you…wow, just wow.”
  • “It’s times like this that I can use the phrase ‘my splendid heart.’ I naturally just admired them.”
2PM | JYP Entertainment

This will mark 2PM’s first comeback in 5 years, with their last album release being GENTLEMEN’S GAME back in 2016. The 6 members of 2PM will return with their 7th studio album titled, MUST on June 28 6PM KST so be on the lookout for their comeback.

In the meanwhile, check out the group’s seductive comeback teaser down below.

Source: WikiTree
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