4 Of BTS New Songs Banned From Broadcast

KBS has banned four songs from BTS’s newest mini-album, Love Yourself: Her.

They ruled “Pied Piper”, “Go Go”, “Skit: Billboard Music Award Speech” and hidden track “Sea” as inappropriate for broadcast.

According to KBS, the songs were banned for mentioning specific brands, use of slang, and vulgar language.

KBS also banned iKON Bobby’s “Up” from his first solo album, as it contained curse words like “piss me off” and “sucker”…

…as well as 2PM Junho’s songs, “Nobody Else”, “Wow”, and “Run To You” from his solo album for similar reasons.

KBS has been notorious for banning songs due to these reasons, and BTS is no stranger to this.

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Source: BizEnter